Prestigious Gaming on Wheels Plus is a new family-owned business.
We have two boys, currently 17 and 12 years old, who love gaming. As a family, we always believe once a child is doing well in school, then why not let them have fun and enjoy what they love most? Our family knows what it takes for children to have fun. We cater to both boys and girls. We have 2 50" TV's outside with a 14' awning for all the girls' needs for Just Dance! There's ample space to dance. We are a very tech savvy family, so we have the latest and the greatest systems! Book today guarantee you will never regret it, you will want to have us back again.
We have a very prestigious game trailer that gives our players the utmost comfort & style. So, see for yourself by booking us today! Thank you! - 6 50" 4K TV's
- 2 50" 4K TV's outside, along with a 14' awning & exterior heat
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